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Today’s automobiles have more safety features than ever before. However, nothing has yet replaced (or even come close to replacing) the most critical safety system – your brakes. You use them multiple times just getting out of the driveway. They put up with heat and cold, wet and dry, overuse and hard use. And over time, they suffer from wear and tear.

BMW brake service in Fort Lauderdale will help ensure that your most important safety system is in peak condition all the time. What’s included in this service, though? It depends.

Basic Brake Service

BMW recommends having your brakes serviced regularly, with major services every 20,000 to 30,000 miles. However, you need more than just major services to keep your brakes in good shape. At Euromotive, we put your safety at the top of our priority list.

During Regular Maintenance

While you might need BMW brake service only now and then, your brakes themselves should be checked pretty frequently. That’s because your pads deal with a lot of heat and friction, and it’s important to keep an eye on their thickness. As they wear down, they get thinner. Eventually, they will be too thin to stop the car, but the metal backing plate can also come into contact with the rotor, causing serious damage.

That’s why we check your brake pad thickness and rotor condition with every service, including basic oil changes and tire rotations.

What’s Covered in a Basic BMW Brake Service

In most cases, you will only need a basic BMW brake service in Fort Lauderdale. For most drivers, this will include replacing old, worn-out pads with new ones. If the rotors are warped or discolored, they will also need to be resurfaced. If you do not have your BMW serviced at Euromotive, make sure your service shop uses OEM brake pads. If your rotors are worn to the point of needing to be replaced, they should also be OEM parts.

More Than Pads

It’s about more than keeping an eye on your brake pads, though. Your brake system is hydraulic, and over time and through heat and use, the fluid breaks down and gets dark. It should be drained and replaced before it becomes too burnt and dirty. Our team will check the color and condition of your brake fluid at every service.

The Components

BMW brake service should include a full inspection of all the components in the system. In addition to your pads and rotors, this includes:

  • The master cylinder
  • Brake lines
  • Brake calipers

In a well-maintained car, these components may last for the life of the vehicle. However, debris on the road, a failed gasket, rust, and many other things can affect their lifespan. We don’t force you to wait for a major service to ensure they’re in good condition – we’ll inspect every component to ensure your safety.

At Euromotive, we can offer any type of BMW brake service necessary, whether you just need your pads replaced or you suspect that there’s a leak from a brake line. Schedule your appointment today or call us at (954) 944-2779.

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