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Euromotive Performance Is The #1 Rated BMW Service Center in Hollywood, FL!

Finding high quality service for your BMW outside of the dealership can sometimes be a tricky thing to accomplish. With numerous shops claiming to have the experience needed to properly care for your car it can be hard to know who to trust. Combining the years of experience working on European made cars along with the latest tools and equipment, the experts at Euromotive Performance give your BMW the service it deserves.

We understand that each BMW comes with a unique service plan designed to maximize its’ performance and that cut and paste work simply won’t do. Instead, we take the time to perform a full diagnostic inspection using factory level equipment. This way we know exactly what the problem may be and can work with you to decide how to fix it. We know that oftentimes trips to the dealership don’t come cheap and that is why we strive to make our work as affordable as possible. Rather than break the bank or avoid getting work done altogether, let us help get your car running how it should.

For those routine maintenance appointments we also make sure to use BMW-grade parts and materials. So whether it is an oil change or a filter replacement you can rest assured that your car is getting the same materials it would at the dealership. We stand behind our work fully and offer a 100% guarantee in the hopes you will too. This way if you get any repairs or modifications done by our specialists, you can trust that it will last years and miles to come.

Another common complaint about going to the dealership is the long time spent just waiting around for your car to be done. To avoid this we offer a complimentary pickup and drop-off service. That way if you have things that need to get done you don’t have to spend hours waiting around and can continue doing whatever you need to. BMW owners in Hollywood, FL rejoice because Euromotive Performance is here to help keep your car properly serviced without the hassle of the dealership. If you want affordable BMW service without sacrificing quality then call the specialists at Euromotive Performance today and see how we can help your car.

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