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Audi Air Condition Services Near Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

If you live anywhere in South Florida, you know just how critical it is that your car has an operational air conditioning system. Temperatures can reach dangerous levels even during cooler months of the year, and summertime temps can be deadly. That makes it very important to have Audi air condition services performed regularly.

Does My Air Conditioner Need Regular Maintenance?

In a word, no. Most automotive air conditioning systems require very little maintenance, and certainly nothing regularly like changing your oil. However, that doesn’t mean that your Audi’s air conditioning system is maintenance-free. It’s also possible to experience several problems that might leave you feeling more than a little hot under the collar.

Audi Air Condition Services and Maintenance

Perhaps the most common complaint from drivers we hear is that their air conditioning just isn’t cooling as much as it should. The first step here is to replicate the issue. Our experienced technicians will turn your air conditioning on and then check the temperature of the air at the vents to make sure that it is in line with Audi’s specifications.

If it is, then the problem often ends up being something like not running the A/C on max, or failing to turn on recirculate mode. However, if the system is not cooling properly, the most common course of action is what’s called an evac/recharge. In this situation, one of our licensed A/C technicians will completely evacuate the refrigerant from your car’s air conditioning system and then recharge it with fresh refrigerant and oil (oil is necessary to lubricate the system).

In most cases, an evac/recharge is all that’s necessary to get your air conditioning back in top condition. However, we do see other problems that will require Audi air condition services.

Common Car Air Conditioning Problems

Perhaps the most common part to fail in a car’s air conditioning system is the compressor. This is responsible for pressurizing the system, and if it’s not working, you won’t have any cold air at the vents.

Another part that is subject to failure is the condenser. You’ll find it near the front of the radiator and its job is to reduce the temperature of the refrigerant. The receiver/dryer is responsible for removing moisture and protecting the rest of the system from contaminants. You also have the evaporator, which is where the actual cooling of air occurs, and the thermal expansion valve, which helps determine how much refrigerant can enter the evaporator safely based on pressure and temperature.

If any of these components fail, your car’s air conditioning system will not operate. Whether your system is no longer cooling or you just feel like the air coming out is too warm, we can help. Call today at (954) 944-2779 or use our online tool to schedule Audi air condition repair and services at our service center.
You’ll find us located conveniently near Fort Lauderdale, as well as Coral Gables, Miami, and other cities in South Florida.

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