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Audi Transmission Fluid Service Near Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

While your Audi’s engine is undeniably powerful, all that is wasted without the transmission. It’s what transfers the power from the engine to the wheels. Like the engine, the transmission needs lubrication and cooling to prevent damage. That’s the job of transmission fluid. Also like your engine, the transmission needs its fluid changed periodically. While you won’t need an Audi transmission fluid service in Fort Lauderdale nearly as often as you’ll need your oil changed, it is still a critical service.

Why Is an Audi Transmission Fluid Service Necessary?

Transmission fluid plays the same role in the transmission that oil does in the engine. It lubricates, prevents metal-on-metal contact, and helps cool transmission components. However, over time, through high temperatures, and due to the buildup of contaminants like fine metal shavings from the gears (called fines), the fluid breaks down. It loses its ability to lubricate.

The volume of metal shavings can also pose a problem, as it can increase wear and tear on internal transmission components. An Audi transmission service is also important to check for fluid leaks. Like the engine, the transmission can be subject to fluid leaks in several key places. If too much fluid leaks out, it can lead to serious damage or even the complete destruction of your transmission.

What’s Involved in an Audi Transmission Service in Fort Lauderdale?

Most transmission services are relatively simple. The old fluid is drained out and new fluid is added. The car is then test-driven to ensure operation and the transmission is inspected for leaks. If applicable, the transmission filter is changed, as well (these are internal).

When Should I Have an Audi Transmission Service?

Audi does not have a specific transmission service schedule that applies to all its models. Instead, you’ll need to have your transmission fluid serviced at different intervals depending on what you drive, as well as the mileage on your car.

At Euromotive, our highly-trained team of European import specialists understands precisely what schedule your vehicle should have and we’ll recommend a transmission service when it’s applicable. That means you don’t have to worry about keeping track of anything, and who couldn’t do with one less thing to worry about? We also inspect your transmission for signs of leaks at every service, including basic oil and filter changes.

However, if you have your vehicle serviced at other locations, make sure that they are keeping an eye on your mileage as it relates to your transmission fluid service. We also recommend ensuring that they use Audi-specified transmission fluid to ensure operability and reliability.

Is It Time for your Audi Transmission Fluid Service?

If it has been some time since your last Audi transmission fluid service, or you have never had your fluid changed, contact us today. You can reach us at (954) 944-2779, or you can use our online tool to schedule your appointment today. We’re centrally located, so it’s easy to reach us from Fort Lauderdale, Miami, South Beach, and other areas of South Florida.

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