Mercedes Benz Brake Fluid Service Near Miami, Fort Lauderdale, FL

You keep your vehicle in good shape. You have your oil changed regularly and rotate your tires when needed. You replace the brake pads when they wear out. However, what about your brake fluid?

Mercedes Benz brake fluid service for residents in and around Fort Lauderdale is a critical consideration. If left unchanged, your brake fluid becomes burnt and contaminated. It also stops working as well, which could lead to serious safety issues. We’ll discuss what you need to know about brake fluid service below.

Why Is Brake Fluid Necessary?

Your car’s brakes operate hydraulically. When you press the brake pedal, the master cylinder responds by sending pressurized fluid through brake lines to the calipers. There, a piston is activated, and because of fluid pressure, it presses the brake pads into the rotor, slowing and stopping your car. Without fluid, none of that could happen.

Why Is Mercedes Benz Brake Fluid Service Necessary?

You’re familiar with how engine oil degrades and becomes dirty over time. The same thing happens to your brake fluid. Fresh fluid is golden in color. However, over time and through hard use, it darkens and becomes brown, then almost black. It also becomes contaminated – those contaminants can damage many parts of your brake system, particularly rubber seals and gaskets. A Mercedes Benz brake fluid service replaces old, contaminated fluid with fresh fluid.

How Does a Mercedes Benz Brake Fluid Service Work?

First, one of our experienced technicians will inspect the components of your braking system, from the fluid to the master cylinder, the brake lines, calipers, pads, and rotors. Anything that needs to be addressed should be done now.

With the assessment out of the way, the technician will pump out the old fluid from the reservoir and the brake lines, then add new fluid. The lines will be pressurized and then bled to remove any remaining contaminated fluid and any air that might have gotten into the lines during the service. Air trapped in the brake lines can cause them not to work and is a serious safety hazard.

How Often Should Brake Fluid Service Be Done?

You won’t need to have a Mercedes Benz brake fluid service as often as you change your oil. However, there is no hard and fast rule here. It really depends on your driving and braking habits. We highly recommend working with an experienced European import specialist who can monitor your brake fluid condition over time at each service interval so that you can change it as soon as it’s necessary, rather than running the chance of going too long.

Is it time (or beyond time) for your Mercedes Benz brake fluid service? Get in touch with the Euromotive team. You can reach us at (954) 944-2779 or use our convenient online scheduler to set your own appointment. Our service center is located near Fort Lauderdale but is also just a short drive from other cities, such as Miami, Miami Beach, and Coral Gables.

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