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Mercedes Benz Oil Change Service Near Miami, Fort Lauderdale, FL

If you want your vehicle to stand the test of time, you’ll need to invest in ongoing maintenance. Few things are as crucial as ensuring that you have access to the right Mercedes Benz oil change service near Fort Lauderdale. At Euromotive, we’re European import specialists and can offer more than just a basic oil and filter change to keep your car in tip-top shape for years to come.

Why Is a Mercedes Benz Oil Change Service So Important?

Oil is critical to the health of your engine. It lubricates moving parts and helps ensure that metal-on-metal contact doesn’t occur. Without that micron-thin layer of oil between components, your engine would grind to a halt.

The problem is that oil degrades over time and through use. High heat causes it to start breaking down and eventually it cannot lubricate the way it is intended to. If left unaddressed, the situation will become dangerous for the engine.

With a Mercedes Benz oil change service near Fort Lauderdale, the old oil is completely drained from the engine and fresh oil is added. You also receive a new oil filter, which is equally important. Your oil filter should be changed with every oil change.

The Euromotive Difference

While some companies might provide a basic oil change and call it done, Euromotive is different. We understand how important it is that you keep your car in good shape, and we’ll help you do it. With every oil change, we provide a free multi-point inspection that covers your car from bumper to bumper. We check your tire pressure and condition, the undercarriage, your brake pads and rotors, your lights and wipers, engine fluids, and so much more.

Additional Services

If you’re using synthetic oil (which we recommend for your Mercedes Benz), chances are good you’re going 10,000 miles or so between oil changes. You must consider having your tires rotated at every oil change, rather than sticking with the every other oil change rule of the past. If you fail to rotate your tires regularly, those on the drive wheels will see excess wear. You also open yourself up to other problems, including cupping/feathering, which creates a roaring sound and a rough ride.

If we spot an issue, we’ll inform you of it and our recommendations to put it right. Armed with accurate information, you’re well-positioned to make informed decisions regarding your automotive maintenance.

Is it time for your car’s next oil change? Not sure when the last oil change was or what type of oil you use? We can help.

Contact us today at Euromotive. You can call us at (954) 944-2779 or you can set your own appointment with our online scheduling tool. Take advantage of our expertise and knowledge with a Mercedes Benz oil change service at our service center located convenient to customers in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Coral Gables, and the rest of South Florida. We’re also happy to offer tire rotation and balancing, brake replacement, and a full suite of automotive services to help you keep your car in great shape.

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