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Land Rover Suspension Repairs Near Miami, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Your Land Rover can tackle the toughest terrain. It’s also able to keep you comfortable while doing so. It can do that because of the advanced suspension components Land Rover designed and engineered.

However, over time and through normal wear and tear, your suspension will degrade. Eventually, you’ll find a need for Land Rover suspension repairs near Fort Lauderdale. The European import specialists at Euromotive can help.

The Role of Your Suspension System

Your vehicle’s suspension system plays several roles. The first and arguably most obvious is to keep you comfortable on all types of driving surfaces. From rough payment to potholes, your car’s suspension components work overtime all the time – shocks, struts, springs, anti-sway bars, and all the rest.

In addition to your comfort, the suspension system also helps to limit damage to the vehicle by reducing vibrations. High levels of vibrations can cause damage to a wide range of systems in your Land Rover, from working nuts and bolts loose to causing problems for your electrical system.

Finally, your suspension system also plays a role in vehicle handling. For instance, the anti-sway bar helps prevent the vehicle from swaying side to side when going around curves. Shocks and struts help accommodate the different forces that affect the vehicle when turning, as well.

The Most Common Suspension Problems

At Euromotive, we provide Land Rover suspension repairs in and around Fort Lauderdale and we’ve seen it all. However, there are some common suspension problems that we see more frequently than others. Those include the following:

  • Blown Shocks/Struts – Shocks and struts are usually filled with oil and gas. However, over time, they’ll deteriorate. If you notice an oily residue on the body of a shock or strut, it’s long past time to have it replaced.
  • Bushings – Your lower suspension system relies on a series of rubber and metal bushings to help dampen shock and reduce vibration. Over time, those bushings will dry out and crack, deteriorating to the point that they can no longer do their jobs and must be replaced.
  • Ball Joints – Ball joints allow your wheels to pivot. They also absorb some of the vibrations from the road. Over time, they will degrade to the point that they must be replaced.
  • Springs – Springs hold the weight of the vehicle and work in tandem with the front struts. However, over time, they can begin to sag. In serious situations, they may even break.

In need of Land Rover suspension repairs? Now’s the time. Whether you’re noticing that your car no longer rides or handles the way it once did, you’re hearing a creaking noise, or the front end is dipping significantly when you hit the brakes, it’s time to bring your vehicle to us.

Contact the Euromotive team at (954) 944-2779 or use our online scheduler to set your appointment. We will fully inspect your entire suspension system and identify the problem. We’ll then discuss your options with you before doing any repairs. We look forward to keeping your Land Rover in great condition!

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